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I'm thinking about releasing the flash file so others can also use the assets in their own animations. Of course, I'll release them AFTER the main animation; I just need you guys' feedback.




2017-05-16 21:55:21 by Dumbellz2

I'm working as hard as possible. I'mma assume that I have about 25% of the video done? Please bear with me guys, I'm not skilled or talented, I just know how to animate.

New animation!

2017-04-24 21:42:48 by Dumbellz2

Right now I'm currently working on a new animation. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of free time for it since school, homework, and of course, I also want to play. So at times I work 30-60 minutes, mostly 30 since I wanna split my time for fun too. It's gonna be an animation "for" my friend. (Mainly because I find him somewhat annoying, so I took his profile picture and used it to make custom madness characters. It will arrive in a month or two. It might be slow at times or fast, because I don't know proportional animation (I somewhat do, but I work too fast) Here's a sneak peek!


5371095_149308444142_sneakpeek.jpgI hope this turns out okay in the end, or my work would've been for nothing.