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Sneak Peek!

2017-05-27 23:24:04 by Dumbellz2

5371095_149594172683_sneakpeek2.jpg   I know that some of you guys are waiting, Im hoping to get it out this June, unfortunately though, it hasn't even reached. This might mean there will be a delay. (I'm not Valve though so this WILL come out before Half Life 3)

I'm thinking about releasing the flash file so others can also use the assets in their own animations. Of course, I'll release them AFTER the main animation; I just need you guys' feedback.




2017-05-16 21:55:21 by Dumbellz2

I'm working as hard as possible. I'mma assume that I have about 25% of the video done? Please bear with me guys, I'm not skilled or talented, I just know how to animate.

New animation!

2017-04-24 21:42:48 by Dumbellz2

Right now I'm currently working on a new animation. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of free time for it since school, homework, and of course, I also want to play. So at times I work 30-60 minutes, mostly 30 since I wanna split my time for fun too. It's gonna be an animation "for" my friend. (Mainly because I find him somewhat annoying, so I took his profile picture and used it to make custom madness characters. It will arrive in a month or two. It might be slow at times or fast, because I don't know proportional animation (I somewhat do, but I work too fast) Here's a sneak peek!


5371095_149308444142_sneakpeek.jpgI hope this turns out okay in the end, or my work would've been for nothing.